Calling AFOL engineers and STEM enthusiasts to be part of LEGO Technic campaign

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Calling AFOL engineers and STEM enthusiasts to be part of LEGO Technic campaign

Dear all,
We are reaching out with exciting news about a new opportunity to be involved in a LEGO Technic campaign going live in September, where your role will be to inspire kids to do STEM challenges. 
We are looking for 5-7 volunteers who will be asked to create a 1-2 min video where they set up a challenge that can excite kids about STEM and inspire them to try their own stunt or 'household hack' at home, e.g. "How would you move a massive wheel using only LEGO elements?". We would like you to call out tips and tricks for the kids as you build/create and you can use all types of LEGO elements incl. LEGO MINDSTORMS.
The purpose of the video footage is to be used in the LEGO Life app and potentially or Social Media to inspire kids (under 13) and potentially also adults to do their own STEM challenges at home with whatever they have at hand.   
The video footage would need to be created and shared with us by end of May and a more detailed brief will be shared via email with the volunteers that are selected for this activity.

Here's what we are looking for: 
•   Interest or competencies: 
o   Engineer skills - either professional or on a hobby basis 
o   Using LEGO Technic as a hobby or in your professional work
o   STEM competencies
o   Creativity
o   Basic video knowledge (shooting with your phone in a well-lit setting is okay) 
o   English speaking (doesn't have to be your mother tongue) 
•   Participants can be ambassadors or other community members with a profile on LAN    
•   Participants will not be under NDA - but we do ask participants to keep the content of the brief confidential - if members from your community are signing up please make sure they understand this  
•    Participants must be 18 years old or older     
•   Participants can be located anywhere in the world 
•   You should be comfortable with speaking to the camera in English as we would like you to describe what you're doing throughout the footage. We would love to see your face in the video too, as the kids connect better with "real people" but this is not a requirement     
•   As we would like to share the footage on LEGO channels you should be savvy with doing video (even if it's just with your phone) and understand how to set up an inspirational "scenery" (doesn't need to be too polished but no dirty underwear in the background etc). 

How to sign up:  
Sign up by filling in this form. The link is not restricted so you can send it to any community members who wish to sign up as well (all information in this post can also be shared).  
The deadline to sign up is March 15th at 11:30 p.m. CET.     
If selected, you will be sent a follow up email with more details and some papers to sign no later than March 31st and we will of course send you some LEGO Technic products to potentially (not necessarily) use in your video.
Looking forward to hearing from all you AFOL engineers and STEM enthusiasts out there!   

All the best,


Takže do 15.3. se mám přihlásit. A pak mě nějak (možná) vyberou? A teprve pak mám vymýšlet "challenge"?
Kdo chce hledá způsoby, kdo nechce hledá důvody.