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passenger wagons AB and B of České dráhy
« kdy: 29.08.2016, 10:45:16 »
Dear train friends,

sorry, for writing in english, but I can't speak czech, but I'm a fan of czech trains.

today I will show you my new passenger trains. I'm Michael from Leipzig (Germany) and I'm a fan of trains, especially czech and eastern german trains. Some month ago I showed you my czech train engines [link=]T754 in blue[/link]. A [link=]red one was followed[/link].

Now I will show you two passenger wagons AB and B-Version for the blue train engine.

Kleinplasitzsch - today, you can see passenger cars of the czech railroad in the first time into my small village, called Kleinplasitzsch. Kleinplasitzch has also a polish name called Małe rzeźby because you can find it in a triangle between czech, poland and germany.

Today I will show you my first ready passenger train cars in 7wide. Both wagons are 43n long. The first wagon is a B-wagon, because there's only class 2-seats into it.

Second wagon ist an AB-Wagon with class 1 and class 2-seats (class 2 is dark green and class 1 is dark red.

At the next picture you can see the first version of this wagon, it was 1n longer then the finish product, you can see it next to the right window.

the bogies aren't only my idea. Some weeks ago I bought the lego train book from homa and so I found the bogies. But I changed it, because my stairs now war 7wide, not only 6wide.

the interior are small rooms with dark green or dark red seats.

Under the chassis you can find some very important things for a wagon, but, sorry, I can't explain, what it is.
Only this part you need to create a pressure for breaks.

technical facts:

lenght: 43n (one wagon)
wide: 7n
windows: 16 per waggon

some rare parts or difficult to buy:

24 blue train windows

44 slope curved 2x4 for one wagon

25 brick modiefied 1x4 for one wagon

The color of the wagons (blue, dark blue, white) is the original color of the passenger cars of czech train cars today.
The  wagons have a weight about nearly 400g, but the train engine can use both of them very easily, also in track switches and curved train tracks.

If you want to say something - do it. I like compliments and critc.

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Re:passenger wagons AB and B of České dráhy
« Odpověď #1 kdy: 29.08.2016, 11:37:30 »
Wow! That's nice. I really like it. :)

What I admire is that you made it 7 studs wide and the interior is pretty accurate and quite in scale. ;)

I went by train a lot. Twice per week for 5 years at least and mostly in these wagons. Perhaps it depends on region or each wagon, but I'm sure that the 1st and 2nd class seats were already modernised to dark blue (like in the first picture. The 1st class seats just had some thin white textile head pads.

I hope it's still true for fast train wagons. The passenger wagons I know are whole different story. :P

Anyway it's been a year since I went by train more frequently and it doesn't matter at all, because you've bulit it in very realistic way. 8)